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MEDITERRANIA a concept created to bring the best of the Mediterranean gastronomy to South Florida. We prepare all our dishes on site.
A great variety of dishes prepare with a Valencia Denomination of Origen Rice and high quality ingredients will bring to you the flavors of the Mediterranean like never before, followed by an an extensive selection of Tapas and entrees created by the hands of our highly recognize chefs from the Mediterranean.
Let us handle your event

Our services are not limited to cater your event but we also provide custom build Bars with bartender services included, tables, chairs, tents and live music.

We proudly make the authentic Paella Valenciana

Introduce by the Arabs on the VIII century Valencia has been the backbone of the Rice Farmers in Spain, the region of Sueca and their surrounding land are one of the oldest and most traditional rice growers of Valencia.


LA VALENCIANA It is considered the authentic Spanish paella made with only meat and fresh vegetables. Paella was the comfort food of the working class, although Valencia has coast to the Mediterranean seafood was never used to prepare the original paella.

LA FIDEUÁ Dish that has found its place in the popularity of South Floridian.

Legend tells that FIdeuá was found by a group of fishermen while at sea they decided to made a Paella, to their surprise they have run out of rice and only had a thin pasta called Fideos, using this instead they gave birth to the paella’s closest relative FIdeuá.

Rice with seafood “Senyoret”

SENYORET It means Young Gentleman in Valencia’s tongue and it is made with rice and seafood where all the seafood is pealed and cut in edible sizes to minimize the amount of work required by who is consuming it.
More flavor from the Mediterranean


Another Valencia classic, it gets its color from the squid ink use for the preparation, cooked on a paella pan this dish takes all flavor from the chipiron to climb its way up to the top of the seafood rice.


It is the vegetarian version of the traditional paella, made only with rice and different types of vegetables to acquire flavor, no meats or meat products are use.


Other variant of paella from Valencia. Like in Fideuá or seafood paella on this dish we use different types of seafood to create an exquisite smoky flavor that provides a unique taste.
Bar & Bartenders
We design and custom build our bars and provide highly trained mixologist services. Our custom build bars are available for rent and for sale.
Rent and sales bar
Contamos con diferentes modelos de bares, con diseños exclusivos, acabados con estilo rústico o barra iluminada para eventos nocturnos. Los mejores tragos servidos por los mejores mixólogos de Miami.
Live music
Let us spice up your celebration with our wide selection of live bands, from Spanish soul musicians to Latin dance, pick the most suitable one.
Sabores Mediterráneos + Sonidos Latinos
No hay fiesta que se precie, que no vaya acompañada de música en vivo. El grupo con sonidos latinos Ahi Na Ma ofrece una grán repertorio ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus sodales aliquam leo, eget sodales orci. Vivamus ac diam tristique nulla ullamcorper tincidunt nec in arcu. Donec eget urna eu nulla consequat blandit id vel tortor.